Conservation of natural resources

Like energy, conservation of natural resources is equally important. Water conservation is need of the hour and we offer solutions viz., Rain water harvesting and recycling of effluent and sewage water on smaller and medium scale.

Rain water harvesting

Need for rainwater harvesting

  • It is the need of the hour to attain self-sufficiency to fulfill the water requirements as water is becoming scarce.
  • Urban water supply system is under tremendous pressure for supplying water to ever increasing population.
  • Groundwater is getting depleted and polluted.
  • Soil erosion resulting from the unchecked runoff.
  • Health hazards due to consumption of polluted water.

Water harvesting can be looked upon as one of the solution for the above. It is the activity of collection of rainwater and storing in containers for direct use or can be recharged in to the ground, i.e. increasing the water table.

rainwater harvesting solutions in Pune-Maharashtra

Who can harvest rainwater and where?

  • People planning construction of new house, modification of existing house, or even an existing house
  • From rooftops and open areas, Farmlands, Public Parks, Playground, etc.
  • Paved and unpaved areas of a layout/city/town/village

Rain Water Harvesting has the following unique advantages :

  • Capturing rainwater in-situ and augmenting supply water at a marginal cost
  • Replenishing groundwater through recharging of rainwater by using the soil column
  • Reducing pollution and contamination
  • Reducing the water bill for the state exchequer
  • Providing clean and safe water
  • Least capital investment with maximum benefits to households and the city as a whole

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