Solar Community Cooking System

The conventional Bulk Cooking system consumes fast depleting fossil fuel on a very large scale, generating harmful CO and other gases leading to ecological imbalance. It also takes a lot of time to cook the food. There is every possibility of contamination of food due to foul odour of fuel used or burning of the stuff being cooked. This results in deterioration of taste and hygiene. As an effective solution to all above problems, we present unique "Solar Bulk Cooking System."

Features :

  • Clean, hygienic, odour free, fast cooking.
  • 100% Eco friendly.
  • No generation of hazardous gases such as Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide community cooking system
  • Cooking inside the kitchen itself. No need to get exposed to out side hot Sun.
  • In- built water-heating facility. (Optional).
  • Variety of cooking is possible.
  • Automatic daily Sun tracking mechanism.
  • Saves enormous amount of time & energy.
  • Pasteurization of Drinking Water possible.
  • Most Efficient and Cost Effective


  • Saves drastically on ever increasing fuel cost.
  • Elimination of CO2, avoids stringent law implications.
  • 80% depreciation in 1st year itself under section 32 of income tax Act 1956.
  • Subsidy to the tune of 50% on Steam Cooking System from MNRE.
  • Fast payback.
  • Revenue / income can starts from 2nd year itself by way of saving the fuel cost.
  • User entitled for getting world recognized Ecofriendly awards.